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My science loving 5th and 7th graders really enjoyed these videos this year! They used them as a supplement to Christian Kids Explore Chemistry, RS4K Chemistry, and lots of extra readers. They watched one or two Chem 101 videos a week, and I didn't even try to line them up to the rest of their work. They did not use the schedule or guidebook from Chem 101. The material was really accessible for these ages, and they loved the visuals connecting all the other work they were doing. They are little chemistry pros now, and point it out in daily life all the time.

I would definitely use these DVDs as a supplement again. They are listed as high school level, but they're definitely middle school level for depth and concepts covered. My little ones didn't struggle with any of it. In my opinion they're much better than the Biology 101 DVDs from the same company. Two hearty thumbs up from my little crew.
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  • 7
Super easy to use, great fit for my STEM heavy littles
Definitely not high school level as it's advertised
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Yes, as a supplement or perhaps with a science struggler
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