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We used this program in our homeschool for the first time this year.
I liked that I only needed one book and that it came with a CD so I could print pages as needed. However, I found it difficult to find the pages I needed on the CD. The CD is not easy to navigate at all and I had a hard time determining what I should print for the program.
The chapters are very, very short. I found that there was not enough information for an older elementary child (such as my 4th grade daughter). I didn't feel that the book was thorough enough.
I did like that there are definitions for each lesson in the sidebar. I also enjoyed the easy-to-do experiments for each chapter. They are not too overwhelming or complicated.
Overall, I would only use this as an introduction and I would want to add supplements or further reading for a study of science. I was disappointed that the chapters were so short and we ended up covering two chapters per week and finishing the book in only one semester before we moved on to something else.
Grade levels used
All information is contained in one book
The lessons are short and simple
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Only as an introduction to a topic
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