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This program saved our year for my son. He was in first grade last year, and, does NOT like writing. He pretty much hates it. However, he LOVES to read - including chapter books. We mostly used Oak Meadow last year (which we also really like), but which does have a lot of writing in it potentially. Obviously, you can always do the writing for your child, but I wanted him to really work on improving his writing and wasn't sure how to accomplish that w/o struggle. We used a Quiver of Arrows for him and it was great. He knew that each week, he had some copywork to do and that the quality of the writing was the important part. Additionally, the materials gave us some great material to discuss and think about with regard to writing style, mechanics, figures of speech, etc. Jacob learned a lot about speech within text, especially. And, because he was doing some very focused work on his writing, I felt better about doing a lot of the writing for him in other disciplines (which meant he was more willing to share all his thoughts b/c he didn't have to write them down!). We started part way through the year, so we didn't do all the books, but he enjoyed the ones we did. I also wish she had a mix-and-match set up for a package price. She does have ala carte book options, which we used for my daughter, who is older (also love the arrow program - really, really good for learning figures of speech), but it would be great if there was an option to pick the books and materials that my child will read and group that into a package instead of it being pre-done. But that is small - I think the program is wonderful.
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All-in-one package, easy to understand, easily modifiable for scheduling, good book choices
would like to see 3-week options rather than four weeks
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