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As a newer Mom to homeschooling Holly's Blaze New Trails guide was a breath of fresh air amongst all the textbook curriculum out there. We were taking a trip to San Diego to visit my parents and we were able to just take this book and do the beaches unit study. We spent a week at Blue Springs Park and really made use of everything in the State and Local Parks. The tips in the Nature Study chapter were easy to follow and all of my children were delighted to learn.
What I love about the Guide is this is something that we can come back to and do again, and I will be able to use with my younger children when they get a little older. So it's not a one-time use. Thank you Holly for bringing the study of Nature and opening our eyes to all Florida and other areas have to offer!
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All in one Curriculum covering many subjects.
If you don't like to get out of the house, this probably isn't for you.
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