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I first used these DVDs with my very science adverse 10th grader. We were on our second year of valiantly attempting to get the boy through biology, and used these DVDs as the finisher so we could call biology DONE. I had him work on it daily, flesh it out with assigned extra reading, and he still completed the whole thing in nine weeks.

My then 4th grader was deeply interested in biology at the time and learned gobs just from watching over big brother's shoulder. It's VERY accessible to younger kids, and just covers the bare basics for science adverse bigger kids.

The 9th grader I used these with wasn't my child. We kept a close friend's 9th grader for awhile and used these to fill the gap. He wasn't terribly hip on them, but it kept his brain moving while he was here.

I would use these again with an upper elementary or middle school student as a supplement.
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  • 4
  • 9
  • 10
Super easy to use, great for kids who struggle with science
Very, very light for high school level
Do you recommend?
As a supplement or for serious strugglers, yes. As a main course for an average high schooler, not a chance.
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