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“Bend Over Backwards” Mother’s Day Game

This hilarious game will make kids laugh and moms laugh harder—if children to do it in front of them. It will help kids understand what their moms go through each and every day for them.

mothers day game bend over backwards


“Bend Over Backwards” Mother’s Day Game


Children will race to spell out the word “MOM” using only their bodies.


Today we celebrate Mother’s Day. Even before the moment we were born, our moms have been doing anything and everything they can to provide for us and love us. Mom bends over backwards to do something for you every day. So today, we’re going to “bend around backwards” as a way of honoring moms!


1. If you have two or more children, they can work together as a team.

2. Stand in the middle of the room and when you say “Go!” teams will have to spell out the word MOM.

3. They must lie on the floor as they spell.

5. They may only use their bodies- no props.

6. The children can spell one letter at a time or the whole word, if you have enough children.


Isn’t it great that every once in a while, we can bend over backwards for Mom? When you go home, give your mom a special hug. After all, she is would bend over backward for you any day!

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