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I used this with my older kids in various grades when it was fairly new. It lived on my shelf collecting dust just in case I might use it until I finally sold it this year. We're just not going to use it again.

I liked that it was accessible to younger kids. We didn't care for the tone of the author at all. It talks down to kids, was too verbose, and felt like we had to wade a bit for the good parts. We generally don't have a problem using Christian science materials, but there was way too much time spent on worldview instead of just teaching the science. My STEM oriented child thought it was too wordy for the amount of meat, and my others were barely engaged.

The grade range given is a stretch in my opinion. 4th grade is the highest I would go, and an average 4th grader could easily complete this book in half a year or less.
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Simple presentation, one book, no busywork, multi-kid
the tone talks down to kids and grates nerves, overdoes worldview, verbose
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