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Analytical Grammar
Curriculas 9620
Analytical Grammar (AG) is by far the best grammar product I've used hands-down! I've taken grammar in high school, college, post-college (I like grammar!) and this is the best course I've come across. Not only are the lessons well done, but it simplifies grammar in a way I've never seen done before. My 7th grader and I did this course during homeschooling and while some days it was a bit of a struggle to get him started on AG, once we got going we laughed and had fun every day. He took the ACT and we attribute his very high English Usage score to AG (and we haven't even finished the course yet!). My older son has always hated grammar, but I've asked him to go through a few lessons in the hopes of improving his ACT scores, and he says this is the first time grammar has made sense to him. I'm hoping the Grammar Ladies will be picked up by Khan Academy (or some other large platform with a huge reach) to make grammar more accessible to the masses. Again, AG is the best product I've seen for grammar! (Note: This is not a game structured product, but a serious course.)
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  • 7
  • 11
Logical format, simple to understand & use
Grammar not always fun, but course terrific
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HIGHLY recommend!!!
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