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Horizons Math
Curriculas 6507
This was a wonderfully colorful and engaging math program that my DD was happy to work on, even though she really isn't a big fan of math. It uses a spiral approach, which did a great job of constantly reviewing all concepts to keep them fresh in the student's mind, but that can become tedious. Also, I felt it lacked any significant depth in TEACHING. It just provided more and more gradual problems with minimal direction. My DD needed more teaching of the concepts in depth and did best with tactile manipulatives to make the math REAL. So we only made it to third grade and switched curriculum.

A student who takes to math well naturally would do fine with this curriculum. Or, if you as the teacher, feel comfortable teaching what it doesn't, it would be good.
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Easy to use, colorful, engaging, convenient, lots of review
Shallow coverage, no manipulative use
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