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We started using Abeka in our second year of homeschooling, and stuck with it for math and language arts for three years. The program gives a fantastic foundation! It utilizes the spiral approach, so my kids were constantly reviewing previously learned material everyday. Most important to us was the strong Christian worldview, which is VERY prevalent in this curriculum. The lesson plans for each subject also make this curriculum super easy for even a newbie to teach, as everything is scripted for each lesson. Oh, and you also don’t have to worry about the dreaded Common Core with Abeka!!

Please keep in mind that this curriculum was originally written for use in a school setting though. That means that there is a TON of busywork, meant to keep kids busy who finish before the rest of a classroom. For a newer homeschooler, it can be kind of scary to veer away from the lesson plans and make the curriculum work for them. There’s also the cost factor. The majority of student books for Abeka are consumable, meaning that you can’t reuse them for younger students (workbook-based for math, English, etc). There are also the yearly updates to different grades. While it’s not impossible to match the previous editions to the current ones, it can be a pain in the rear.

So yes, I would recommend this curriculum, but Abeka isn’t the only game in town like I once thought it was. Research all of your options before staying solely with Abeka.
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Strong foundation, excellent phonics program
Too much busywork, can be very expensive, especially with multiple kids
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